About this newsletter

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Where Do We Go From Here is a newsletter of dispatches, news and analysis from the various beats I cover and my reporting trips around the country. We’re going to discuss a lot here—immigration, health care, corrupt politicians, campaign finance, criminal justice and more—so there’s going to be a lot to digest. There’s an old saying in journalism that reporters know twice as much as they’re able to write. The purpose of Where Do We Go From here is to provide readers with that second half—the context and analysis that is often lacking in hard news stories.

This newsletter will also provide readers with an unvarnished view of life in America and wherever else my travels take me in what is a pivotal time. There are many portions of this country that are dispossessed, for reasons both true and untrue, of their own making and as a result of outside forces. We’re going to dive into those places, and things are going to get uncomfortable in those dispatches. Journalism is supposed to confront readers with raw and sometimes painful truths, and I will not be shying away from those here.

For now, Where Do We Go From Here is free. Eventually, though, I’ll be asking subscribers to contribute a small fee each month in order to get their regular feed of content. There will still be occasional free offerings—most likely in the form of dispatches like this one I wrote from Las Vegas about the mass shooting there last year—but once I switch to the paid format most of what I write will go to those willing to contribute that small fee.

But for now, take a look around and see what I’m offering. If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, criticisms or ideas on what I should cover, don’t hesitate to reach me at justin.glawe@gmail.com.