Many people are angry and many others don't care. We enter a new national era.

False dissidents: They say they're oppressed but they run the country

They lock them in an abandoned factory to kill their spirit

'Once you reach this point, how do you go back?'

They pull tricks and do things quietly where no one is looking

They are killing the news because it's the only thing that can stop them

They will be fine when the economy goes down but we won't

They don't have a plan other than to create chaos

He saved a cop but they don't talk about him

They manufacture a crisis because as much as they wish, there is none

Whatever happens tonight, migrants are coming

It can happen here, and it already is


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The endless, unpunished corruption of Chris Collins

The lies they tell

Anthony Scaramucci is planning for a recession while telling you everything is fine

Facebook is going to get someone killed

Facebook censored me for calling out people wanting to shoot migrants, but it didn't censor them

Net Zero Immigration

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